5 Ready-to-Use, Plug & Play Profit Centers
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"Discover The Complete, Plug-And-Play Nutrition System For Maximizing Client Results And Dramatically Increasing Your Business Profits."
"Gain Instant Access To 5 Different Ready-To-Use Nutrition Profit Centers That Can Each Add Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars To Your Bottom Line!”
Dear Fellow Fitness Pro,

Did you know that an estimated 45 Million people start a diet each year? Or that according to Business Week, over 40 Billion Dollars is spent yearly on diet plans alone?

In fact, if you do a quick search on Amazon you’ll find over 116,700 results for diet books.

Let’s face it, when it comes to weight loss people think of diet or nutrition long before they consider working out…and with good reason. How many times have you heard (or possibly even said) that fat loss results are 90% nutrition based?

But in spite of knowing that client results are largely impacted by nutrition (even if it’s not a full 90%) and that their clients and prospects are investing heavily in diet books, products and systems…most fitness professionals settle for providing a few simple handouts about how often to eat or how much water to drink as the ‘nutrition solution’ in their business.

Not only is this approach dramatically limiting their clients' success but it’s costing them tens of thousands of dollars in lost revenue
Now I know what you may be thinking...

…”my clients already get great results.”

…”nutrition is outside my scope of practice. I can’t legally offer it.”

…”I don’t have time to add a nutrition program.”

Well, all of those things may be true to an extent… but what I’m going to share with you will help you get your clients get even better results no matter how successful they already are, is well within your scope of practice and can be adapted to fit the time you want to put into it…

… and very significantly increase your profits.

Hi, My name is Rick Streb and for the past 28 years my life has revolved around getting people in the best shape of their lives. I've been a champion amateur bodybuilder, winning the Mr. Missouri title at the young age of 45. I've personally coached over 100 amateur and professional bodybuilders and figure competitors with zero ever finishing out of the Top 5 in their competitions.
I've also built a tremendously successful boutique training business serving women ages 35-55, helping over 500 ladies look and feel better than they ever thought possible.
Along the way I've developed a variety of proprietary systems to build effective fat loss nutrition into my clients’ programs in 5 different formats to ensure that I could maximize their results and my income no matter how busy my schedule was or what type of client I was working with at the time.

Now, for the first time ever I'm releasing my 5 unique nutrition profit centers in ready-to-use format, complete with all the components and tools you need to immediately implement them into your own business and start getting your clients even better results and putting more income in your pocket.

"Your Biggest Differentiator"
Integrating a true nutrition solution into your business is hands down the biggest differentiator you have at your disposal as a fitness business owner.
While there are new $10 a month health clubs popping up on almost every corner and no shortage of gyms and people offering cheap bootcamp workouts, what people really come to you for is results…and that’s not something that either of those options really provide.

If you can deliver a complete solution that gives someone everything they need to get the results they want instead of just holding workouts or renting them access to equipment, you can stand out from the crowd. You can now truly become a “Category of One” when it comes to fitness businesses in your community…and integrating my proven Nutrition Profit Systems will allow you to do that.

"Your Clients Will Automatically Start Getting Better Results”
When you start integrating a true Nutrition Solution your clients will start seeing results faster than they ever thought possible. They’ll have a clearer path so they’re more likely to be stick to it, they’ll have some ‘skin in the game’ so they’ll be far more compliant than if you just gave them some free information and once their nutrition is tightened up and they start feeling better and more energetic…they’ll get even more from their training sessions with you.

In short, you’ll go from delivering the best training in your area to delivering the best results in your area.

"You’ll Get Buy In From The Minute They Join Your Program"
When you enroll a new client, they come to you with a specific desired result in mind and they’re finally ready to take action to achieve it.

If you leave their nutrition to chance or just give them some vague, general handout you risk losing that momentum they have instead of building on it and being the leader and coach they need to achieve all of their health and fitness goals.

When you integrate a true Nutrition Solution into their program, you've now added that final piece to the puzzle and, combined with your training program and expert coaching, giving them everything they need to get the results they want.

And if you do this on day one, you've truly maximized their likelihood of success.

“Better Nutrition Equals Better Business”
When your clients start getting even better results fast, they become true ambassadors for your business.

They become walking, talking billboards for what you do.

You’ve got incredible ‘Before and Afters’ to use in your marketing.

Retention goes through the roof.

And when they start to see the fat melting away faster than they could have ever imagined, they start sharing their experiences with others and referrals skyrocket.

Plus once everyone in your gym is seeing great results, the entire culture changes. The energy jumps. The experience that new clients come into is like nothing they’ll see anywhere else…and you and your team will love coming to work every day knowing that this is what you’re walking into.

"Nutrition Is Your Untapped Goldmine”
I mentioned the numbers earlier. Over 40 Billion Dollars are spent each year on meal plans alone.

Your clients are investing in nutrition. It’s Guaranteed.

The question is ‘are they investing in nutrition with you?’

As a smart and savvy fitness professional, you know that few if any of your clients come to you just for a workout.

They come to you for a result!

And they’re already investing with you to achieve that result…so it’s almost a lock that if you integrate another offering that will help them look and feel the way they want to look and feel even faster – they’ll be willing to invest a little more to make that happen.

How much more? Anywhere from $10 or $20 per month for a simple Meal Planning Solution to $500 or even more for a Nutritional Coaching Program.

You could add anywhere from a few thousand dollars a year to your bottom line with an almost completely hands off profit center to tens to an extra $50,000 per year or more with a Nutrition Coaching Program.

"So Why Share My Nutrition Profit System Now?”
Over the past several years I’ve gone from exclusively spending my time focused on my own clients to also helping fitness professionals (like you) successfully integrate Nutrition programs into their businesses.

After hundreds of conversations and really diving into about every type of training business you could imagine, I was able to feel confident that my 5 Nutrition Profit Centers were completely dialed in so that they could easily be plugged into any type of training business.

And selfishly, I must admit that after 27 years working in the fitness industry, I knew that helping high level fitness professionals integrate effective Nutrition programming into their businesses to better separate themselves from the myriad of mediocre (or downright bad) fitness businesses was the legacy I wanted to be known for.

Here is What You Get In The Nutrition Profit System...
In the Nutrition Profit System you get 5 Complete, Turn Key Blueprints for integrating nutrition-based profit centers into your training business. I've broken each of these profit centers down into easy to follow modules and provided you with all of the tools that you need to immediately put any (or all) of them into action in your business.

HUGE Profits with Transformations Challenges...

When done right, transformation challenges are a game-changer for a fitness business? 

Just doing transformation challenges is worth $250k annually to my business, and most of the fitness pros reading this page are a LOT smarter than me. 

So, I can only imagine what this blueprint will generate for you. BUT, any transformation challenge is only as good as it's nutritional component. 

At this point, I guarantee that this blueprint is proven to the point of perfection. 

High-Ticket 1-on-1 Nutrition Coaching...

What if I told you that you could charge $500-$2,500 for just a few hours of your time and your clients will think it's a bargain? 

I do it regularly and so can you... with the right tools. 

This is the ultimate in nutrition coaching. It's personal, it's research-driven, and it changes lives. 

It establishes you as the go-to nutrition expert in your community, positions you to deliver world-class results , and allows you to charge what you're worth and get it.

Group Coaching for Big Earnings...

Seminars, Workshops, and Accountability Groups are a really great way to get a clear, strong message to all of your clients and prospects at once about the importance of nutrition. 

The interaction and engaging nature of this format allows your clients and prospects to feel at ease and involved in the process. It also builds trust and they can see that you actually care about their individual needs. 

My Accountability Group alone adds another $57,000+ annually to my bottom line without adding a single new client.

A Cleanse That's Good for Your Bottom Line...

Detox & Cleanse programs are big money-makers and nobody does them better than my friend and Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, Janell Yule. 

Many fitness professionals consider Janell THE go-to expert in the fitness industry for detox & cleanse programming. 

To give you THE VERY BEST program possible, I've partnered with  Janell to give you access to her done-for-you, plug & play 21-Day Detox Challenge

This program has made her TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS in her fitness studio and with online clients across the country, as well as the fitness pros she has introduced her program to. It will do the same for YOU!

Nutrition Revenues on Auto-Pilot...

With my secret little plug & play tool, you can sell nutrition as a monthly recurring service and let it run on auto-pilot. 

Why limit yourself to only your training clients and prospects? 

I've gotten a lot of clients because they first bought nutrition services online from me and then left a competitor’s gym to train with me. 

Pretty cool, isn't it?

Over 55 Plug & Play Resources Immediately Available and Ready to Brand with Your Company Logo.

=> Video lessons
=> Protocols and implementation checklists
=> Sample sales pages
=> Sample web (Wufoo) forms
=> Sample Facebook ads
=> Sales agreements
=> Prospect email series
=> Motivational email series
=> Questionnaires and assessment forms
=> Clickfunnels share links

BONUS 30-Minute Coaching Strategy Session...

I want to make sure you put these tools to use in your business right away. I will get on the phone, Skype, or a personal webinar and work one-on-one with you to develop a master action plan that clearly states your goals, defines the steps you need to get there, and implement the strategies immediately.

More than 300+ fitness entrepreneurs are making money with Nutrition Profit System. 
See What Other Fit Pros Are Saying...

"Hands Down the Best Nutrition System for Fitness Professionals on the Market Today!"

As fitness professionals, we fully understand that regular exercise and proper nutrition are the key components to our clients’ success. We also know that nutrition is often times neglected, because it’s outside of our scope of practice. 

Nutrition Profit System is hands down the best nutrition system for fitness professionals on the market today, and it is well within our scope of practice.

Rick Streb has put together an amazing system, with five different, ready-to-use nutrition profit centers that can potentially add thousands of dollars to your bottom line. 

When I initially saw the price, I thought it was a misprint, because he could have easily charged double, triple or even quadruple what he’s charging. I highly recommend investing in Rick’s nutrition system and, if implemented, I feel certain you’ll see an incredible return on investment.

Greg Justice, MA
AYC Health & Fitness, Kansas City MO
National Fitness Hall of Fame - Advisory Board Member

"Dig Into This Program Before Rick Comes to His Senses and Quadruples the Price to What It's REALLY Worth."

I'm pretty excited to have gotten a head start and "look under the hood" at Rick's Nutrition Profits System" and yes... even implement the done-for-you strategies right away.

Probably the best nutrition profit system for fit pro's on the planet, with a healthy mix of immediate cash insurgent strategies and foundational nutrition programs that can generate recurring income. I highly recommend you dig into this program before Rick comes to his senses and quadruples the price to what it's really worth.

Nutrition Profit System is the REAL DEAL, and so is Rick when it comes to nutrition programming. Don't miss this opportunity to take your fitness business to the next level and beyond.

Michael Salvietti
Rock Your Body Fitness,  Mineola NY

"Nutrition Profit System Is Amazing!"

Let me tell you... I was lucky to see what's coming soon!!! And it's going to blow your mind! 

The Nutrition Profit System Rick Streb is about to launch ROCKS!!! I can’t wait to buy it. I’m so sure it’s going to work that I probably could add an extra 100% guarantee on top of Rick's “Double Your Money Back Guarantee."  

Nutrition Profit System is amazing! It will absolutely over-deliver for the price that's it’s being introduced! I’m almost speechless on how much content it’s going to be delivering for that introductory price. To really take your fitness business over the top… Just purchase Nutrition Profit System! It totally, totally works.

Jonathan Suarez
Ultimate Fitness Lab, Denver CO

"Nutrition Profit System is a True Game-Changer."

If you're looking to take your fitness business above and beyond and you're SERIOUS about getting people results, then you've got to grab yourself access to Rick Streb's Nutrition Profit System. When I first got started training people almost 10 years ago, I neglected nutrition detail in favor of supplying awesome workouts instead. It wasn't until I finally started packaging the two together that my clients began getting even better results. 

As a trainer/coach, it's YOUR responsibility to supply your clients with the best path possible to reaching results fast which means including some sort of nutritional program. If you're neglecting that, you're doing a major disservice to your clients. The NPS makes this EASY for you and not only does it help with getting your clients better results, you'll be more prosperous with your business as well. 

Trust me... Rick KNOWS nutrition and NPS is a game-changer.

Travis Stoetzel
The Forged Athlete, Omaha NE

"NPS is THE Missing Piece of the Puzzle."

Rick's Nutrition Profit System fills a much needed void in the fitness industry. It's the most complete, plug-and-play Nutrition System for maximizing client results and dramatically increasing business profits that I have ever seen... all within your scope of practice! I highly recommend this for all fit pros and bootcamp instructors who are looking for the missing piece of the puzzle.

Georgette Pann
Fitness Bootcamp Expert, Kingston PA

"There is NOTHING Like This in the Fitness Industry."

Hey Everyone. I snuck in the back door to Rick Streb's Nutrition Profit System and I've got to tell you... It is awesome! I had to resist the urge to staying up all night watching all of the videos. There is NOTHING like this in the industry. There are courses out there that provide "head knowledge" about nutrition, but this is the first and ONLY program that actually shows you how to make money with nutrition programming. With Nutrition Profit System, you will easily get 10X the value of it's price. Don't miss out on this one.

Jeff Blair
SoCal Sport & Fitness, Los Angeles CA
Mens' Fitness Magazine - Advisory Board 2014
"The Easiest And Most Profitable Way To Separate Yourself From The Competition”
There are no shortage of other gyms and trainers in your area…I can almost guarantee it.

But it’s likely that almost all of them are focusing on the wrong things.

They’re spending their time selling 24 Hour Access or Unlimited Workouts.

They think that competing on price is the way to beat the competition, when in truth it’s simply a way to go broke.

They’re selling sessions, exercises and equipment.

But they’re missing the most obvious truth of all…

…People Just Want Results!
So if you can be the one business in your local market that not only gets this, but actually builds a business around it, people will beat a path to your door.

And you and I both know that to deliver extraordinary results time after time, you have to make nutrition an integral part of your program.

My Better Than 100% Money Back Guarantee 
Not only will I guarantee that the Nutrition Profit System is everything that I've said it is, but I’ll take it even one step further.

I’ll not just give you your money back if you’re not satisfied, but if at any time in the next 60 days you implement any one of the Nutrition Profit Centers and do not make at least 10X your investment back, all you need to do is to let me know and I’ll give you double your money back. It's that simple.
This System works. I guarantee it. If for one minute you disagree I’ll refund your investment immediately…and if you give it a fair shot and it doesn't deliver, I’ll give you double your money back.

It’s Yours For Just $97
When I decided to release my 5 proven Nutrition Profit Centers to other fitness professionals, I didn’t want the investment to be an obstacle.

With The Nutrition Profit System I wanted to give you everything you need to deliver a highly effective and incredibly lucrative Nutrition Profit Center that fits into your business model and the time you have available to implement it.

And I wanted to do all of that and still make it affordable.

Now, this $97 price will increase to $297 on Friday at Midnight, and at that investment it’s still an incredible value. You should easily be able to make back 10X your investment with any one of these Nutrition Profit Centers in a very short period of time (with several of them you could make that in just a few days). But during the launch of the Nutrition Profit System I wanted to offer a special $200 discount for action takers who are ready to become a ‘results focused’ business and separate themselves from the competition.

This Exclusive Opportunity Ends At Midnight On Friday
Until then you can gain Instant Access to all 5 Profit Centers and all 55 Ready-To-Use Tools that make up the Nutrition Profit Center for just $97. Everything you need to deliver a world class Nutrition Program that fits into your business in one easy to execute system.

Start separating yourself from the competition and enjoying all the benefits that a Nutrition Program can provide to your business now.
Rick Streb
The Nutrition Profit System

P.S. – This is your chance to get my complete, plug-and-play Nutrition System for maximizing client results and dramatically increasing your business profits…

P.P.S. - Remember, you have a full 60-day trial period to try the Nutrition Profit Center and if you put it into action and don't get a return of at least 10 fold, I’ll give you two times your investment back.

There's NO WAY you can lose...

Click The “Add To Cart” Button To
Receive Your Exclusive Launch Price Of Just $97...
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