Respected and Trusted By Many Of The Most Influential Leaders In The Fitness Industry... The Experts That YOU Respect and Trust.
Respected and Trusted By Many Of The Most Influential Leaders In The Fitness Industry... The Experts That YOU Respect and Trust.
Does Your Fitness Business
Make $100K+ Annually With Nutrition?
No? Keep Reading...
Tell Me If This Sounds Familiar...
✔ You know that you want to monetize nutrition programming, you just don't know how the heck to make it happen or where on earth to start.

✔ You know how important nutrition is to your clients... and your... success but you are relying on the same one-size-fits-all, cookie cutter meal plans that everyone else is using.

✔ In your crowded industry, are you struggling to establish an identity for yourself that enables you to stand out from everyone else.

✔ You have no shortage of ideas but you're still struggling to get your nutrition program off the ground.

✔ Your message is unclear and even possibly hypocritical - because you know you're telling your clients that they can't out-exercise inferior nutrition, but your business is prioritizing exercise over nutrition.
If You're Doing The Same Things As Everyone Else Are Doing...
What Makes You Think You're Different In Your Prospects' Mind?

Hi There, Entrepreneur/Expert/Coach,
I know you already feel like there are literally thousands of fit pros doing exactly what you’re doing and offering exactly what you’re offering…



Then why is it that YOU are doing the exact same thing as them?

Why is it that when someone asks you what makes you different from the rest, you say the same things that everyone else are saying? 

And why is it that when asked who the top dawgs in the fitness industry are, only a handful of names come to mind?

Those are the ones who have “made it,” right? 

Those are the ones that clearly STAND OUT, right? 

Those people seem to be everywhere! 

(You know... Like the folks you just watched in the video above, right?)

And there is just something so… Shiny and polished about them. Am I right?! 

Something that makes you think to yourself, “that’s what a REAL professional looks like.”

Why is it that they are regarded as a Category of One, and everyone else are considered one of the many?
No, Seriously... Why?!
You can continue to waste your precious time trying to guess what the “magic formula” is. 

Or you can learn the secret for yourself!
The Secret???
NOTHING Will Accelerate The Growth of Your Business More Than Positioning Yourself as a CATEGORY OF ONE.
Before I Tell You How YOU Are Going To Become
A CATEGORY OF ONE, I Need You To Understand
Something About Me...
I don't wanna hear about how many "others" are already in your crowded industry and how there's no room for you to stand out...

Because here's the thing... 

While the top 5 percent are doing it right and living badass lifestyles & taking profits to the bank... 

The 95% majority are struggling to stand out. 

Category of One individuals set their eyes on what the 5% are doing, and when you begin to analyze those brands, what you will see is pretty freakin' clear... 

(It doesn't matter how many others there are because most are not doing it right.)
CATEGORY OF ONE Fit Pros Strategically Become the Leading Authorities and Trusted Go-To Experts in Their Communities.
They didn’t sit around wondering maybe.

They didn't leave it up to luck or chance. 

They took control and they mastered the strategy behind becoming a CATEGORY OF ONE

They figured out exactly what needed to be done. 

And then THEY DID IT

And so can YOU

(pssst, did you catch that key phrase... THEY... DID... IT.)
Oh... And By The Way... The DECISION YOU ARE ABOUT TO MAKE Is To Become a CATEGORY OF ONE Yourself!
If it sounds like a lot of work... That's because it usually is, believe me!

But I have the ability to help you fast track your status to this level.

I have removed the guesswork so that the task is no longer overwhelming, and I have simplified the process so that all the work is literally done for you.

You just need to follow my instructions.
I have reverse engineered the exact step-by-step method that I personally used...

The system that I used to take me from having a dream, to creating a PROFITABLE, SUSTAINABLE business online and offline. This is about taking a direct route to monetization.  

I’ve finally put all the exact strategies, systems, tactics, templates and tools that you need in this CATEGORY OF ONE program. 

I decided to package everything I know about building my personal CATEGORY OF ONE into one program and NUTRITION PROFIT SYSTEM was born. 
The Idea That Fitness Pros Can’t Make Money With Nutrition is BULL****

Last year I made $181,123.80 directly from my nutrition profit systems. In 2015, I made over $149,000 with my nutrition strategies. (You can see my financial records below.) 

And I live in a town of less than 1,500 residents. I don’t have a large community of people to market my services to.

There’s nothing special about me. If I can do it, you can do it!
Fitness professionals that I personally coach are doing it, as well. 

Most of them started – just like me – providing nutrition services to their clients but making very little, if any, income from it. (You’ll hear some of their stories later in this letter.)

In fact, I hear stories like that every single day…

I’ll have a conversation with a fitness pro regarding nutrition. They always tell me that they provide nutrition services as a part of their business model. But when I ask them how much money they made last year with their nutrition programming, the answer is always similar…


Or, “Not much.”

In fact, I can’t remember the last time a fit pro actually told me they were making significant money with nutrition programming (except for my coaching clients).
Most fitness pros don’t realize you can actually make significant income from nutrition programming. 

I want to teach you how.
I’m here to tell you that you can be… and should be… making noteworthy revenue from nutrition. 

I’m also here to tell you that it’s not hard to do at all… provided you have a system in place that works seamlessly with any training protocol or type of business you have.

Well, not only do I plan to teach you my simple, easy-to-follow method that does exactly that...
I'm going to show you exactly how to do it right AND I'm actually going to do some of the work for you!
You read that right! I'm going to do some of the work for you to create YOUR nutrition profit center, and help you start making more money right away.

I'm going to jump in and make sure things get finished!

We are going to combine "Show me how" and "Do it for me."

Combining those two actions is the pinnacle of coaching because I'm going to be helping you get the results faster and I'm going to be doing some of the work for you, which leads to what you are really wanting... making more money faster!
Nutrition Is Your Untapped Goldmine
Your clients are investing in nutrition. It’s Guaranteed.

The question is ‘are they investing in nutrition with you?’

As a smart and savvy fitness professional, you know that few, if any, of your clients come to you just for a workout.

They come to you for a result!
And they’re already investing with you to achieve that result… so it’s almost a lock that if you integrate another offering that will help them look and feel the way they want to look and feel even faster – they’ll be willing to invest a little more to make that happen.

How much more? Anywhere from $20 or $30 per month for a simple Meal Planning Solution to $500–$2,500 or even more for a Nutritional Coaching Program.

You could add anywhere from a few thousand dollars a year to your bottom line with an almost completely hands off profit center to tens to an extra $50,000–$100,000 per year or more with a Nutrition Coaching Program.

I hear it all the time…

People say, "Sure, this works for you, but..." 

I’m gonna tell you straight up… 

That’s a line of bull****!
That’s the stories that people tell themselves to take the easy way out.

That’s the excuses that people make when they accept mediocrity.

That’s the lines people sell themselves to accept failing.

And NONE of it is true!

(And unfortunately, a high percentage of fitness pros are just as bad about using those lame excuses as the clients they complain about!)

Now, I have over 6 really good ways to prove those people wrong. Later in this letter I am including 6 detailed case studies on successful fit pros that follow my method. 

The total nutrition revenue from these 6 case studies is over $716,004 in the last year alone!
That’s an average annual earnings of $119,334 each… Not too shabby for fitness pros that had absolutely no nutrition income before they started with Nutrition Profit System!
And that's just a few of the success stories that were willing to share their sales numbers with you. There are many more who either we didn't have room to feature or they wanted to keep their numbers private.

I'm also going to let you in on what industry leaders are saying about my program... People in the fitness industry that you look up to and follow.

All that to prove that this method works for anyone who is willing to put in the work.
My one question to you… 

“Why are you NOT making money with nutrition?”
Nutrition is 60%-80% of the body transformation equation.

You know it… and I know it.

Hell, we all lecture it to our clients every day.

Well, if it is such a big part of the equation, why are you not profiting from it?

Nutrition Coaching should be a significant part of your fitness business’ annual income!

If it’s not, you’re letting a lot of money slip through your hands.
If you're struggling to get your Nutrition Coaching Business off the ground, chances are that knowing how to coach nutrition isn't the problem - It's Knowing How To Monetize It.
See, I understand you already have the desire, heart, mission, purpose and passion for your message, story, etc. So, you don't need to hear about that!

What YOU WANT RIGHT NOW is to stop struggling and to get rid of the frustration by learning how to run nutrition coaching as a PROFITABLE BUSINESS so you get customers/clients better results and make more money in the process! 

(Remember, I've been there and I'm JUST LIKE YOU!)
My program is the ONLY one on the planet for teaching YOU how you can REALLY make Big Money with Nutrition Coaching!
Seriously! Nobody else in the entire fitness industry does it.


(I'm pretty sure that makes this program a CATEGORY OF ONE, doesn't it?)

Sure, there are plenty of certification organizations that teach you the principles of nutrition, and how to coach nutrition in your business...
Award Winning, International Best-Selling Author
But there is nobody... but me... that teaches you how to actually make money with nutrition coaching.

It's like going to college to get that degree in exercise physiology, and then working as a bartender or waitress...

You wasted a lot of money on that education if you aren't actually making money with it!
I know that my strategies can work for you!
Why? Because I have 'recipes' that work and they're validated by the numerous trainers, coaches, consultants, experts & entrepreneurs JUST LIKE YOU that I've helped!

Also, my 'recipes' have worked for me for years... and I still use them today for myself, which is VERY important because you want to learn from someone who is STILL DOING IT TODAY!

But don't take my word for it, there's a reason the numerous fitness professionals I've helped rave about the program (see their personal stories).

And, there's a reason why several of the top, most respected coaches, consultants, experts and entrepreneurs in the fitness industry endorse and attach their names to my work.
An Apology To You Ahead Of Time!
I need to apologize, ahead of time, as I know that I may seem to come across as a bit aggressive in what you're reading. I do it for one reason, and one reason only: I don't want you to make the same mistakes I did... & I want you to stop making them if you already are!

I TRULY want you to be as successful as you desire to be and I believe, without a doubt, that my Nutrition Profit System will change your life and can impact your bank account!

One thing I can promise you is that I will NOT BS you and give you "fluff!" I can't stand it when people in the fitness industry do that.

Why? Because that's what many in the fitness industry did to me back when I was broke, and "spinning my wheels." 

And because you deserve someone to be straight-forward and honest with you because that is the shortest route to success.

My style is direct, straight-forward and I don't pull punches. My sole focus is to help you and give you "real" ideas that can instantly SAVE, and MAKE, you BIG money!

Seriously... All I really care about is helping YOU MAKE MORE MONEY!


And, I think you'll appreciate the fact that I'm direct and to-the-point!
You and I are probably a lot alike!

And, I think YOU WANT some "cough syrup!"
I think you want someone who is willing to cut through the BS and just tell you what you NEED to know to stop wasting your time and to make BIG money as a nutrition coach, consultant, expert & entrepreneur!

Sometimes in life we need someone to be direct and tell us something that we may not like to hear, but that we NEED to hear!

I often compare this to taking a dose of cough syrup. You may not like the taste when it's going down, but you know that once it's digested, your aches and pains will disappear and you will be better.

It's the same for what I'm sharing with you! You may not like the taste, but I guarantee that you'll be 100% better after this "coaching cough syrup" gets digested.
Because I truly care about helping you become a Highly-Profitable Nutrition Coach, I'm about to give you the BEST positive business medicine you could ever have for your fitness business!

Are you ready?... Hope so... because this information is priceless and can save, and make, you a BIG MONEY!

I created my NPS Implementation Course so you NEVER have to wonder how to monetize nutrition coaching into your fitness business again... EVER!

This is YOUR ONE-STOP SHOPPING place for learning how to implement nutrition coaching seamlessly into your fitness business... that's why SO MANY fitness professionals JUST LIKE YOU continue coming back again... & again... & again (& you will too)...

Because I WILL TEACH YOU more content & give you more nuggets for monetizing nutrition than anyone, and will show you stuff NOBODY will (or even could!)
How YOU can put your own nutrition ‘cash machine’ to work for your Fitness Business.
Here’s how it’s going to work. 

I'm going to show you what to do and, when necessary, I'm going to step in and do it for you. My goal is to get you making money as quickly as possible!

Or we will take our time if that works better for you.

The NPS Implementation Course is a master class that is designed to help you make more money through Nutrition Coaching.

I have broken down the course into bite-size lessons so you can go through it easily… without feeling overwhelmed or slowed down.

Every week we will focus on one lesson that shows you exactly what to do, how to do it, and why you are doing it.

Each lesson will be conducted via our exclusive members' portal AND live Training Webinars which will consist of a combination of live video, slideshow presentations, and desktop sharing. You will be able to watch what we do, listen to how we do it, ask questions… and receive direct LIVE feedback.

One of the major benefits of hosting the course lessons live is the interaction from the online audience. I will be answering questions live and providing feedback to participants in order to help them create their own nutrition programming that generates income immediately.

If you cannot attend live, we will record each live training session and upload them to the members’ only website where you will have on demand access to the lesson – from any computer, tablet, or smartphone… from anywhere in the world with Internet access – whenever you want. This gives you lifetime access to the lessons, as well as all of the resources and bonuses given away.

We have had members tune in at their local times of midnight, 3am and 5pm to watch the recorded lessons that they could not attend live.

I will do my best to provide the lessons at a time that works best for everyone, including the videographer and production crew that lives here in Missouri.

You will also have access to the NPS Accelerator Mastermind Facebook group to discuss lessons with other participants. This is also where I will be available to work with you every step of the way so you can have your nutrition program up and running in just 6 short weeks.

Everything in the NPS Implementation Course will be broken down into “bite sized” portions so you can absorb everything as efficiently and easily as possible… an be able actually implement it fast!

Now, let me show you…
Exactly what you get as a part of the NPS Implementation Course..
That's right! I'm going to personally lead you by the hand and help you set up your own nutrition profit system that works seamlessly with your current business model.

I'm going to literally serve it to you on a silver platter and all you will have to do is implement it and follow the simple steps.

Every week we’ll focus on a new course lesson so you can put these methods to work.

We'll jump on a LIVE streaming webinar with you and your fellow fitness pros... and answer all of your questions so you can focus on execution and implementation...

Need help with something? No problem...

Want to refine your Sales Script? You got it...

Want feedback on which blueprint is the best fit for you? Consider it done! 

Want to implement ALL of the blueprints? BOOM! Get ready for your business income to skyrocket!

...(No PRETEND live webinar here, just LIVE interaction and AWESOME material to help your coaching business IMMEDIATELY!)

And if you can't make one of the live sessions, don't worry about it. They'll all be recorded, and you'll get the recordings the very next day. Plus, if you need to, you can send in your questions in advance and we'll answer them for you on the live session... even if you're not there!

So there's no need to worry about moving your schedule around. You won’t miss a thing!

The Foundation: Choosing the Right Nutrition Profit Center(s) for YOUR Business
As soon as we begin in Week One of the NPS Implementation Course, you'll immediately see how it is different than you imagined it would be (which is why I think it works so much better). 

Here's why: Genius is in simplicity. 

And this may be the simplest approach to making additional money you can imagine.

As long as you don't overthink it, we will have you up and making more money in literally no time at all.

We’re going to figure out the simplest and most effective way to integrate nutrition programming seamlessly into your business to ensure that you are on track and moving forward as quickly as possible. 

We’ll work through the pros and cons of specific nutrition offerings and choose which is right for you.

We're simply going to start out by determining the best course of action and setting specific goals… something that most fitness entrepreneurs completely ignore. 

But that’s just the beginning. Because then we use that foundation to move on to…

Optimizing YOUR 
Perfect Nutrition 
  • Tools to use
  • Pricing your nutrition services
  • Adding value to training programs
  • Number of times per year to run certain programs
  • Evergreen programs
  • And So Much More...
Once we've determined the right nutrition profit center(s) for your unique brand, we’ll use it to build your offer(s) in Week Two. 

We’ll focus on the unique benefits each step of your nutrition funnel provides to make sure that your customers sees your offerings as a necessity and not a choice. 
Setting Up YOUR 
Nutrition Sales Funnel
After we've determined what offerings you will integrate into your training business we are going to determine the process that systematically leads prospects/clients through your nutrition funnel...
  • Low barrier of entry
  • Using your nutrition programming to add value to your training programs
  • Ascension process
  • Downsells
  • Upsells
  • We will cover EVERY possible way to monetize your nutrition programming...
If you know how to present your nutrition offerings to your customers and when to present them, it's really hard to NOT make money with nutrition programming.

That's exactly what this module is designed to accomplish.

Turning on the 
In Week Four you’ll gain a new understanding of the key traffic strategy you need… grass roots marketing.

That's right!
  • No complex sales tactics. 
  • No Facebook ads. 
  • And no spending money on marketing!
I spend literally zero $$$ on marketing my nutrition programming, and you won't have to either.

This is as easy as it gets to make money with nutrition, or any fitness program for that matter!

Seriously! If you simply follow the process, you will be making more money faster than you would ever imagine.

While the general concepts are likely familiar to you, once you look at how I’ve used these strategies with a very specific knowledge of the prospect/client – you’ll have the power to finally unlock the true potential of a powerful nutrition funnel that attracts a steady flow of new clients.

Converting Clients & Creating Raving Fans
Now that you're positioned to attract the leads you want and you have your nutrition funnel in place, it's time to optimize the conversion process.

You'll learn how to transition prospects/clients from a low barrier of entry to higher value (and higher priced) nutrition offerings by utilizing Trust, Influence and Value.

We will adapt my formula that speaks directly to the wants and needs of your prospect/client in a way that makes the buying process easy and natural for them.

And because your clients will get incredible results from your nutrition coaching they become raving fans for your business, telling everyone they know how awesome you are.

Dialing in the Details & Making it Work Long-Term
This is where we’ll dial in the things you have established to make sure your business is firing on all cylinders.

More importantly, I'm going to show you how to keep it going on auto-pilot moving forward to really grow your business and see steady, consistent revenue year after year.

Having a reliable, dependable money-making nutrition program that integrates seamlessly with your training programs creates security and peace of mind. This allows you to finally enjoy the fruits of your labor and not constantly worry about where your next leads are coming from.

You have a pre-qualified market of customers (warm market) that is already coming to you. You don’t have to look any further than your current member roster.

I'm going to show you EXACTLY how I seamlessly ascend my members from my lower barrier of entry nutrition program to my accountability group, and then into my high ticket 1-on-1 nutrition coaching programs. 

Each program is more expensive than the previous one, but when it's performed properly, your members will agree with you that they need to move up your funnel to a higher priced program.

I'm also going to show you EXACTLY how I downsell and upsell nutrition to put prospects and clients on programs that run on auto-pilot... literally making me money hands-off.

You are also getting access to absolutely EVERYTHING I use to generate a consistent 6-figure nutrition program with very little effort… All of the tools, scripts, and secrets I put into play to makes this system work so easily... And then more!

And it all starts with my massively successful Nutrition Profit System. More than 300+ fitness entrepreneurs are making money with Nutrition Profit System, and I'm giving it to you as a part of this course...
In the Nutrition Profit System you get 5 Complete, Turn Key Blueprints for integrating nutrition-based profit centers into your training business. I've broken each of these profit centers down into easy to follow modules and provided you with all of the tools and resources that you need to immediately put any (or all) of them into action in your business.
HUGE Profits with Transformations Challenges
When done right, transformation challenges are a game-changer for a fitness business. Just doing transformation challenges is worth $250k annually to my business, and most of the fitness pros reading this page are a LOT smarter than me. 

So, I can only imagine what this blueprint will generate for you. 

BUT, any transformation challenge is only as good as it's nutritional component. At this point, I guarantee that this blueprint is proven to the point of perfection. 

P.S. I don't list this as nutrition revenue in my financial statements since it is technically a front end offer for my training program.
High-Ticket 1-on-1 NUTRITION COACHING 
What if I told you that you could charge $500-$2,500 for just a few hours of your time and your clients will think it's a bargain? 

I do it regularly and so can you... with the right tools. 

This is the ultimate in nutrition coaching. It's personal, it's research-driven, and it changes lives. 

It establishes you as the go-to nutrition expert in your community, positions you to deliver world-class results , and allows you to charge what you're worth and get it.
Group Coaching for Big Earnings
Seminars, Workshops, and Accountability Groups are a really great way to get a clear, strong message to all of your clients and prospects at once about the importance of nutrition. 

The interaction and engaging nature of this format allows your clients and prospects to feel at ease and involved in the process. It also builds trust and they can see that you actually care about their individual needs. 

My Accountability Group alone adds another $57,000+ annually to my bottom line without adding a single new client.
A Cleanse That's Good for Your Bottom Line

Detox & Cleanse programs are big money-makers and nobody does them better than my friend and Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, Janell Yule. 

Many fitness professionals consider Janell THE go-to expert in the fitness industry for detox & cleanse programming. 

To give you THE VERY BEST program possible, I've partnered with Janell to give you access to her done-for-you, plug & play 21-Day Detox Challenge. 

This program has made her TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS in her fitness studio and with online clients across the country, as well as the fitness pros she has introduced her program to. 

It will do the same for YOU!
Nutrition Revenues on Auto-Pilot
With my secret little plug & play tool, you can sell nutrition as a monthly recurring service and let it run on auto-pilot. 

Why limit yourself to only your training clients and prospects? 

I've gotten a lot of clients because they first bought nutrition services online from me and then left a competitor’s gym to train with me. 

This profit center ALONE generates 3 streams of revenue when integrated into your business model.

Pretty cool, isn't it?
The Ultimate Supplement Sales System
Nutritional supplement sales is an untapped goldmine in most fitness facilities.

Why? I don't know, but most fit pros struggle mightily with it. We're here to change that right now.

I'm going to teach you step-by-step how to add a highly-profitable supplement profit center into their business.

Better yet... It's all done for you. You simply have to copy, paste, and deploy...
  •  Fully brandable Done-For-You Lead Magnets that you can use as your own to build your email lists.. 
  •  Done-for-you meal plans and recipe books that you can brand as your own products to sell.
  •  An entire 6-months of done-for-you, copy & paste daily email and social media content that will build multiple lists and passively make you ongoing commissions from supplement sales. 
We're going to create a high-converting, low barrier of entry nutrition offer that creates monthly recurring revenue AND leads customers to your training programs.

This profit center positions you as the trusted and go-to expert in your community, and creates a fertile breeding ground of qualified customers for you to market your personal training services.

This profit center can easily add $2,000-$5,000 monthly recurring revenue to your business with minimal effort, and potentially a lot more. 
✔ Video lessons
✔ Protocols and implementation checklists
✔ Sample sales pages
✔ Sample web (Wufoo) forms
✔ Sample Facebook ads
✔ Sales agreements
✔ Prospect email series
✔ Motivational email series
✔ Questionnaires and assessment forms
✔ Clickfunnels share links
✔ And much more...

If you know how to present your nutrition offerings to your customers and when to present them, it's really hard to NOT make money with nutrition programming.

✔ Upsells
✔ Downsells
✔ Front End Offers
✔ Core Offerings

That's exactly what these videos, tools and cheat sheets are designed to accomplish.
NPS Private Facebook Group
You’ll be able to connect with other fitness pros, get same-day answers and feedback to keep your motivation high as part of this select group.

As you progress through each course lesson you will post your progress in the group. This is not only a great way to receive get immediate feedback, but an incredible accountability tool. 

If you have a question for me, simply post it in the group and I’ll answer it. 

This group will be the hub of the action, and alone will be worth the price of enrollment all by itself.
Let Me Help You With The Heavy Lifting...
I want to make sure you put these tools to use in your business right away. I also want to reward the action-takers! 

Enroll today and I will get on the phone, Skype, or a personal webinar and work one-on-one with you to develop a master action plan that clearly states your goals, defines the steps you need to get there, and implement the strategies immediately. This is where I will actually do some of the work for you! We will be able to dig in knee deep on YOUR action plan and I can make some of it happen on the spot!

Seriously... I’m here to help you and I’ll work my butt off to make sure you are successful!
Pro Diets Professional Weight Management Software FREE for 30 Days...
I'm offering you the ability to use Pro Diets Professional Weight Management Software free for 30 days and see exactly why it is the engine that runs my entire business.

Though it’s not a necessity for your success, Pro Diets is an invaluable tool that allows me to separate my business from everyone else in town, and in the country for that matter. 
And after seeing how it single-handedly transformed my business into a money-making nutrition machine, if you don't want to continue simply let me know and you will NEVER be charged for it.

While everyone else is providing one-size-fits-all, cookie cutter meal plans, eBooks and "recommended foods" lists that are really no different than anyone else gives away, you will be providing individually-customized RD-designed and approved meal plans to each and every client.

So instead of being one of the many, you are instantly positioned as the Category of One.

And whether you've never used Pro Diets before or had little success with it previously, I’m going to show you EXACTLY how to use Pro Diets the right way… as the tool that leads people right through your nutrition sales funnel.
Lifetime access and free updates to the course. I regularly check the course to see if there's anything I can add or improve. 

You will always have access to the most up-to-date information and strategies, for free. PLUS, the course has JUST been updated with brand new videos and added strategies. I gotcha covered.
More than 300+ fitness entrepreneurs are making money with Nutrition Profit System.
Teddy Guetteraz
Owner, Revolution Fitness 
Newport News, VA
Art McDermott
Co-Founder, National Corporate Fitness Institute  
Fred Zoller
Lean Performance Academy
Slidell, LA
Stephen Shinn
Owner, The Fitness Company
Columbia, MO
Jeremy Smith
Owner, The BAR Performance Gym
Urbandale, IA
Dan & Laurie Ramond
Owners, Full Circle Fitness
New York, NY
Alicia Streger
Owner, Fit Pro Essentials

Travis Merritt
Owner, Fitness Revolution Rowlett
Rowlett, TX
Dexter Tenison
Owner, Fit. Firm. Feminine.
Memphis, TN
Calvin Richard
Owner, Verus Strength & Fitness
Marble Falls, TX
Okay, so now that you've heard what other fitness pros have to say about the Nutrition Profit System and how well it has worked for them, let me show you exactly how much of an impact nutrition coaching has influenced my business.

Below you can see the exact amounts of income my business has been able to generate in only the last 24 months with this exact system I intend to teach you. Keep in mind that I live in a community of less than 1,500 people.

So while you're looking at the numbers below, allow yourself to imagine what you could do in your community with this powerful system.
As the financial reports below demonstrate, nutrition coaching is a substantial part of my business. And when you include the front end offers (transformation challenge blueprint), which is also included in the Nutrition Profit System, nutrition coaching comprises of over 52% of my total revenue.

Clearly, nutrition coaching has had a major impact on my business, and it can do the same for you.
2016 Profit Center Analysis Annual Revenues
(Click Image to Enlarge)

Click Image to Enlarge
2015 Profit Center Analysis Annual Revenues
(Click Image to Enlarge)
How can the possibility of doubling your income change your life?
Think about that for a minute...

The potential to double your income WITHOUT constantly looking for new clients.

How could that change your life?

The opportunity is there for you to seize.
And it's so darn simple that I'm amazed so few Fitness Professionals are doing the same!
Honestly... Nutrition coaching is the easiest way to separate yourself from the competition AND significantly increase your income potential.

Once you have my nutrition coaching system integrated into your business, it runs seamlessly with your training programming.
“This all sounds great, but how much is this going to cost me?”
The reality is that this shouldn’t cost you anything. It’s an investment that can increase your profits 10, 50, 100, even 500 times… if you implement the easy system.

So I don’t want you thinking about the price, but I want you thinking about the value and what adding an additional 30%-50% to your monthly income can do for you.

What’s that worth to you?

Well, I can tell you what it's worth to me and the fitness pros I coach (In fact, I already did), but I can’t say what it will be worth for you…

But I can confidently say it will be a lot more than the tuition you will be investing.

But that’s just a play on words. I know it is.

The truth is that you’re going to need to invest something upfront to be committed to realizing the massive rewards that creating your own nutrition profit center can yield.

And, in truth… I can’t promise that you’ll implement it at all. That's 100% up to you.

But I can promise that I have done everything possible to take you from A to Z…

…and I’ll be doing the live training webinars…

…and I’ll be heavily engaged in the Private Facebook Group…

…and I’ll do everything within my power to hold you accountable to making you more money.

...AND I'll step in and do some of the work for you.

So if you want the step-by-step system I’ve used to build an extremely successful nutrition program…

...and if you want me to help you and even do some of the work for you...

…and you’re willing to follow through to the finish line…
IMPORTANT: I'm not interested in playing the "scarcity card" with you for two good reason...
1. Since I'll be doing all of the twice weekly 1-hour course trainings live AND monitoring the Private Facebook Group, this program significantly increases my personal workload, in addition to the operation of my own facility, running my online business, servicing my current coaching clients, and being a single father raising my daughter.

2. If you're truly committed to building a highly profitable nutrition program... you will enroll.
…You Can Book A FREE Discovery Call Right Now...
Nutrition Profit System
And I’ve made this a complete no-brainer for you because you can get started today.

Here’s how it works. You have two easy choices during this call. 
  •  We will explore the possibilities of creating your own nutrition coaching funnel, you will see the tremendous potential and opportunity for your business, and we will begin working together to make it happen for you as quickly as possible, or
  • You will not see the value of seamlessly integrating a lucrative nutrition coaching system into your business, and we will part friends.
It’s up to you. There’s no fee to get on the discovery call and see if nutrition coaching is right for your business. I want this to be easy for you if you truly want in and are ready to take action.

But with that said, please realize …

This Is VERY Limited AND Enrollment Will Close Soon.
There you have it. 

You have to make one of the two easy choices...

You can book your free discovery call right now...

Or you can pass, and nothing changes.

I'm trying to make this really easy for you if you are ready to take action.
Nutrition Profit System
You’re Protected by My Personal 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Not only will I guarantee that the Nutrition Profit System is everything that I've said it is, but I’ll take it even one step further.

Take the entire course… every single part of it...

Get on all the live webinars.

Download all the resources and tools.

Go through everything, put it all to work.

Get on the phone and put ME to work.

COMPLETE THE COURSE and implement it into your business.

(Yes... I expect you to complete the course before you say it doesn't work. The reason this course was created is because I know most fitness pros purchase products, but never apply them to their business. So before you actually request a refund I want to know you've completed the full course and made an effort to implement the system.)

And then, after all that, if you’re not absolutely convinced that this was the best course ever offered on creating a nutrition program that will easily generate substantial income for you, let me know and I’ll give you an immediate and full refund.

No questions asked.

I’m happy to do it because I am 100% confident you’re going to love this Course. There has never been anything like it in the fitness industry.

Sure, there are programs out there that teach you how to apply nutrition principles in your business.

There is no other course or program that teaches you how to make money with nutrition programming!
And there is NO other course or program that the coach or instructor actually does some of your work for you! 
My goal is not to teach you more stuff. My goal is to help you make more money.

The bottom line is this… The NPS Implementation Course will make you better at what you do AND make you more money in the process.

So that’s the offer folks. When you join the NPS Implementation Course, which again the investment is minuscule compared to what it’s going to do for your business… we will fast track your business and earnings potential.

I promise you, I’ve had fitness pros tell me that just one of the blueprints alone was worth more than any $2,000 course they’ve ever bought in the past and I believe them because I know what it’s done for me and the fitness pros I’ve shared this information with.

So that’s the game plan. This is the offer and I know when you start implementing these things it’s going to start changing your business and changing your life.

From this point forward you are going to be in a position to start using the same systems that are working for me and my coaching clients today. And then all you will have to do is just model it. It’s going to take out tons of the guesswork, and trial and error for you.

You literally have absolutely nothing to lose …and everything to gain.

Is This Program Really For You?
Who Exactly Is This Program For?
✔ Is an expert or service based professional and looking to secure their financial future by creating a following and demand for their expertise.

✔ Realizes that we're living in a time when anyone can form a business or brand around something they're passionate about. 

✔ Is passionate about making your business vision a reality and you’re willing to put in the work to make it happen. 

✔ Sick of knowing your friends/partner/parents are really wondering (and likely even asking) if this “business” of yours is actually going to start making money anytime soon. 

✔ Motivated to be an inspiration to your kids and show them that anything is possible? 

✔ Feels stuck, overwhelmed with information, paralyzed by indecision and unable to take your next step. 

✔ Willing to step outside of your comfort zone, put yourself out there and become really visible online. 

✔ Ready to take action NOW and be a major influence in their field and impact others all across the globe.

"Hands Down the Best Nutrition System for Fitness Professionals on the Market Today!"

As fitness professionals, we fully understand that regular exercise and proper nutrition are the key components to our clients’ success. We also know that nutrition is often times neglected, because it’s outside of our scope of practice. Nutrition Profit System is hands down the best nutrition system for fitness professionals on the market today, and it is well within our scope of practice.

Rick Streb has put together an amazing system, with five different, ready-to-use nutrition profit centers that can potentially add thousands of dollars to your bottom line. When I initially saw the price, I thought it was a misprint, because he could have easily charged double, triple or even quadruple what he’s charging. I highly recommend investing in Rick’s nutrition system and, if implemented, I feel certain you’ll see an incredible return on investment.

Greg Justice, MA
AYC Health & Fitness, Kansas City MO
National Fitness Hall of Fame - Advisory Board Member

"Dig Into This Program Before Rick Comes to His Senses and Quadruples the Price to What It's REALLY Worth."

I'm pretty excited to have gotten a head start and "look under the hood" at Rick's Nutrition Profits System" and yes... even implement the done-for-you strategies right away.

Probably the best nutrition profit system for fit pro's on the planet, with a healthy mix of immediate cash insurgent strategies and foundational nutrition programs that can generate recurring income. I highly recommend you dig into this program before Rick comes to his senses and quadruples the price to what it's really worth.

Nutrition Profit System is the REAL DEAL, and so is Rick when it comes to nutrition programming. Don't miss this opportunity to take your fitness business to the next level and beyond.

Michael Salvietti
Rock Your Body Fitness, Mineola NY

"Nutrition Profit System Is Amazing!"

Let me tell you... I was lucky to see what's coming soon!!! And it's going to blow your mind! 

The Nutrition Profit System Rick Streb has launched ROCKS!!! It's an incredible program, and Rick's coaching is second to none. I’m so sure it’s going to work that I probably could add an extra 100% guarantee on top of Rick's Money Back Guarantee. 

Nutrition Profit System is amazing! It will absolutely over-deliver for the price that's it’s being introduced! I’m almost speechless on how much content Rick delivers. To really take your fitness business over the top… Just purchase Nutrition Profit System! It totally, totally works.

Jonathan Suarez
Ultimate Fitness Lab, Denver CO

"Nutrition Profit System is a True Game-Changer."

If you're looking to take your fitness business above and beyond and you're SERIOUS about getting people results, then you've got to grab yourself access to Rick Streb's Nutrition Profit System. When I first got started training people almost 10 years ago, I neglected nutrition detail in favor of supplying awesome workouts instead. It wasn't until I finally started packaging the two together that my clients began getting even better results. As a trainer/coach, it's YOUR responsibility to supply your clients with the best path possible to reaching results fast which means including some sort of nutritional program. If you're neglecting that, you're doing a major disservice to your clients. Rick's NPS makes this EASY for you and not only does it help with getting your clients better results, you'll be more prosperous with your business as well. Trust me... Rick KNOWS nutrition and NPS is a game-changer.

Travis Stoetzel
The Forged Athlete, Omaha NE

"NPS is THE Missing Piece of the Puzzle."

Rick's Nutrition Profit System fills a much needed void in the fitness industry. It's the most complete, plug-and-play Nutrition System for maximizing client results and dramatically increasing business profits that I have ever seen... all within your scope of practice! I highly recommend this for all fit pros and bootcamp instructors who are looking for the missing piece of the puzzle.

Georgette Pann
Fitness Bootcamp Expert, Kingston PA

"There is NOTHING Like This in the Fitness Industry."

Hey Everyone. I snuck in the back door to Rick Streb's Nutrition Profit System and I've got to tell you... It is awesome! I had to resist the urge to staying up all night watching all of the videos. There is NOTHING like this in the industry. There are courses out there that provide "head knowledge" about nutrition, but this is the first and ONLY program that actually shows you how to make money with nutrition programming. With Nutrition Profit System, you will easily get 10X the value of it's price. Don't miss out on this one.

Jeff Blair
SoCal Sport & Fitness, Los Angeles CA
Mens' Fitness Magazine - Advisory Board 2014
"The Easiest And Most Profitable Way To Separate Yourself From The Competition.”
There are no shortage of other gyms and trainers in your area… I can almost guarantee it.

But it’s likely that almost all of them are focusing on the wrong things.

They’re spending their time selling 24 Hour Access or Unlimited Workouts.

They think that competing on price is the way to beat the competition, when in truth it’s simply a way to go broke.

They’re selling sessions, exercises and equipment.

But they’re missing the most obvious truth of all…

…People Just Want Results!

So if you can be the one business in your local market that not only gets this, but actually builds a business around it, people will beat a path to your door.

And you and I both know that to deliver extraordinary results time after time, you have to make nutrition an integral part of your program.
A Little Work? Or Making More Money?
Neither? Then book your free strategy call now, and let's get started.

This is your chance to get my complete, plug-and-play Nutrition System for maximizing client results and dramatically increasing your business profits... dialed seamlessly into YOUR business.

Start separating yourself from the competition and enjoying all the benefits that a Nutrition Program can provide to your business now.

Dedicated to YOUR Success,

Rick Streb
Nutrition Profit System

Book Your FREE Discovery Call Right Now...
Nutrition Profit System
This is not 'theory'... It's real world, in the trenches, battlefield tested tactics & strategies that WORK.
This Is VERY Limited AND Enrollment Will Close Soon.

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